Oct 23 2010

Female Nomad and Friends Interview: Sandra Hanks Benoiton… Intermission

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In the interest of getting all the bugs out of the system and making this site available to more people, Mutts in Mexico is taking a week off to switch over to a new hosting site. As of Wednesday, October 27, we will have a taste of two cultures—a Halloween tale and some photos from Noche de Muertos here in Pátzcuaro.

November 3, we’ll be back in Seychelles with the finale of Sandra’s interview.

In the interim here, I’d like to do a little promo for her book, Papaya…and other seeds.

Here’s an excerpt from the book’s introduction…

“I’ve been told I have a fertile mind, and although that may sound like kind flattery it has often been offered as evidence that my head is full of the sort of stuff animals contribute to the growth cycle of plants. Seeing how many seeds are germinating in the space between my ears at any given time, that interpretation is as good as any.

This book is a collection of those seeds; some are mere sprouts while others are fully grown in present form but may hybridize someday. Fact and fiction stand side-by-side, occasionally cross-pollinating as happens in the natural order of things casually cultivated.

The decision to publish what amounts in many ways to a seed catalog rather than develop each piece fully to stand alone comes with the startling realization that life is short, so stories can be, too.”

Papaya…and other seeds by Sandra Hanks Benoiton, available by contacting Sandra via a comment on her blog http://sandrahanksbenoiton.wordpress.com

Or you can go to Seychelles and check out the local bookstore, where it looks to me like they did a dynamite book launch.

I can’t think of a better time to peruse a “seed catalog.”

Hasta pronto.


5 comentarios in “Female Nomad and Friends Interview: Sandra Hanks Benoiton… Intermission”

  1. maria altobellithe 23 Oct 2010 to 5:25 pm

    The new hosting seems to be working, Sandra, but it never hurts to do some book promo from WAY on the other side of the pond. From the intro, Papaya…and other seeds sounds like a great read.

    We’ll see you back here November 3.

  2. Vix Solutionsthe 23 Oct 2010 to 9:30 pm

    Saludos, animo y adelante. Gracias por los saludos Sandra, exito en tu libro.

  3. maria altobellithe 24 Oct 2010 to 2:24 am

    Adelante caminante. Estoy segura que su libro va a tener mucho éxito como tu negocio, Victor. Ustedes dos se lo merecen.

  4. Sandra Hanksthe 24 Oct 2010 to 4:45 am

    Gracias, Maria!

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