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The filing system in Pátzcuaro`s Biblioteca Gertrudis Bocanegra might not be all that exact but then with such a magnificent mural by Juan O`Gorman, it tends not to matter. The system here is simple. The latest article appears first on the list below.


Querétaro: An Undiscovered Jewel

Female Nomad and Friends

Revisiting Milano Centrale

Revisiting Oaxaca

Hospital Care in Mexico

Colima a place to visit or a place to live?

Musings on Mexico City

An upbeat solution to unwanted dogs & cats

Animal Protection in Mexico

Milano, Italia, Milan, Italy, Comings & Goings in the Fashion Capital of the World

Noche de Muertos or Day of the Dead,Patzcuaro,Michoacan,Mexico

2006 World Cup & 2006 Mexican Presidential Election

Taxco in the wink of an eye

Riding the Metro in Mexico City

Mexico´s Pacific Coast/Troncones, Guerrero

Some different ways to occupy your time in Mexico City, a bit off the beaten track

A look at a few of the facets of Mexico City, including sections on crime, taxi lore and exploring the zócalo

Noche de Muertos or Day of the Dead in Pátzcuaro, Michoacán...with a twist

Fiestas Patrias & A Different Kind of Revolution

Exploring San Miguel de Allende…a favorite ex-pat hangout

Plazas of Mexico

Dogs & Spring in Mexico

Some musings on an Italy perhaps few people see and some tips for travelers.

Differences and similarities between Mexico & Italy

A fantastic recipe to see in the New Year, named appropriately Pavo Borracho (Drunken Turkey), courtesy of Susy Santiago of Mistongo, a great restaurant on Dr. Coss in Pátzcuaro

The P'urhepecha Pelota de Fuego (Ball of Fire), a novel game to welcome the New Year.

A number of traditional and not so common ways to greet the New Year.

An unusual twist to the Mexican posada.

A journey with SERVAS: check out this organization that pairs travelers and hosts in countries around the world. It's sure to make traveling a more enriching experience.

Short reviews of favorite books on Mexico and travel: you're guaranteed to find a good read here.

Down at the Pila: Washing Clothes Mexican Style

Bolivia: A Different Continent & Another World

New Beginnings: A Fresh Start For Two & Four-Footed Critters


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